Rarity Classes

RarityX™ provides diverse investment opportunities across a range of rarity classes. As we continue to bring in more specialists with expertise in different areas, our offerings will broaden, ensuring our clients have access to a wider array of unique investment options. The patented RarityX platform is unique and the first of its kind. The world’s leading specialists in each subcategory of rarities strategically trade assets through distinct LLCs to optimize investor ROI.

  • An asset in the broadest sense of the word, with aesthetic, cultural or historical value that can be limitless.
  • Art assets typically have a low correlation to stocks, bonds and other traditional investments which makes it a great hedge.

Rarities Specialists

RarityX™ accepts experts in every sub-classification of rarities. Our requirements include Membership Registration. ISA, ISA CAPP, or any other credentials of equivalent level of achievement are acceptable (varies domestically and internationally).

RarityX membership signifies appraising expertise, professional development, and advanced skills.

Rarities Owners

Rarity owners submit titles, detailed information, and high-definition rendering for each collectible in order to conduct an initial evaluation. Data such as ownership title, past certifications, historical references and documents, appraisals, custody, and insurance records are taken into account.

The information will then be funneled to a RarityX Specialist with expertise in the specific rarity class. 

Why Collectibles?

Rarity Assets should be strongly considered for a long-term diversified investment portfolio. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to see incredible returns with some the most highly valued collections on the planet.