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Meet Our Executive Team

Jeff Smith

Co-Founder & CEO

Shower Zhang

Co-Founder & CTO

Mike Saigh

Co-Founder & CIO

Meet Our Core Team

Donna Perez

Project Manager

Joro Villasenor

Marketing & Research

Kitch Tilo - Marketing Director

Kitch Tilo

Marketing Director

Erika Pineda

Erika Pineda

SEC Legal Expert

Amiel Aganan

Data Analyst

Flor Alotinto

Marketing Manager

Niño Sun

Niño Sun

Web Dev

Abbiegail Julian

Abbiegail Julian

Marketing Assistant

Meet Our Team of Advisors

Stuart Newton

Process Advisor

Joel Comm

Marketing Advisor

Adam Istvan

Technology Advisor

Travis Wright

Marketing Assistant

Nayaz Ahmed

Nayaz Ahmed

Strategic Advisor

Our Team Includes:

Our Core Family of Patents

US 8,015,069 B2

"Systems and Method for Asset Utilization"
This IP is the first patent in the World with no prior art for rarity exchange trading and rarity asset sold to the public in fraction shares.

US 10,825,090 B2

"Rarity Trading Legacy Protection and Digital Convergence Platform"
This IP includes one or more networks in order to create 3d depictions and trade in the Metaverse. First Patent to include trading assets as “digital twins” in 3d “metaverse.” In addition, the patent includes AI (Robo-rarity trading) *Note about IP Scope. This patent filed in 2015 precedes what they currently refer to as the NFT (non-fungible tokens).

US 20180247371A1

"Geometrical Rarity Corelation Vettinization And Protection System And Toolkit"
This IP incudes global set-points indexes and trading processes as well as digital asset verification forensic technologies

US 8,624,727

"Personal safety mobile notification system"
This IP includes asset safety and mobile alerting application, sensor alerts, tracking to protect art asset when transported and when each art asset is moved and other related claims and descriptions.

US 18095867

"Genisor Operational Auxilium Toolkit For Non-Fungible Assets"
This patent application represents Liquid Rarity Exchange’s NextGen patent series which will include over a dozen patent application filings both with the USPTO and International PCTs in the near future.

Additional Liquid Rarity Exchange pending and filed applications (USPTO and PCT International patents)

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