Our Services

RarityX™ offers the world’s most comprehensive trading platform for high-value, rare collectibles. Serving our clients, partners, and investors through a global network, we are bolstered by over 26,000 Financial professionals, Premier Specialists, Appraisers, Regulatory Professionals, and experts in technical domains. Our collective mission is to provide both individual and institutional investors with an accessible and sustainable investment avenue. We are committed to delivering guidance, insights, and services to assist you in meeting your financial and investment objectives.

Real-Time Trading

The patented RarityX™ Platform allows investors to trade rarities, both primary and secondary, in a traditional manner. Alternatively, users can opt to trade these rarities within diverse Metaverse settings, such as a virtual garage, jewelry room, art gallery, and more.

Main Features: 

  • Rarity Watchlist
  • Rarity Wishlist
  • Rarity Search
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Rarities Library

RarityX™ offers integrated tools and platform functionalities designed to help you identify rare investment opportunities and execute trades efficiently. In addition to a traditional trading format, RarityX provides the option to trade within a 3D metaverse environment.

Asset Conversion

RarityX™ will create secure, high-definition 3D elements for each asset listed

RarityX™ is committed to bringing the finest details of every collectible to our metaverse platform. For each item listed, we will produce a high-definition 3D representation, ensuring that users can explore and appreciate the intricacy and uniqueness of each piece. This secure digital rendition not only enhances the viewing experience but also offers a new dimension of interaction with these prized collectibles.

  • Our platform and toolkit provide virtual rarity collection environments, interactive autodidactic information for each listed rarity asset, historical ownership and legacy data and other advanced Web 3 functions and services.
  • A+AI ™ enables users to scale and customize their rarity investments based on their interest and passion for a particular sub-asset classification, liquidity analysis and advanced robotic trading software.


Every asset will be 100% insured, ensuring the utmost peace of mind for collectors and investors. Collectibles insurance is a specialized form of coverage tailored to safeguard valuable and often irreplaceable items. These prized possessions, whether they are antiques, artworks, memorabilia, or any other form of collectible, can hold immense financial and sentimental value for their owners.

Museums & Galleries

A WIN for private and public Museums, A WIN for Preservation, A WIN for new Patrons of the ARTS and A WIN for Capital Support. It sounds like a pipe dream but it’s in our Patented Pipeline.

We provide museums with potentially thousands of new visitors and new patrons and supporters through fractional ownership. Museums can now raise funds through our platform while still retaining contractual rights to display and exhibit art assets.  In other words, thousands of public investors can invest in one or more museum assets while the asset remains exactly where it is, in your museum and gallery. The RarityX Platform enables new patrons/owners to gain a new appreciation for the arts, the ability to virtually view the museum piece and access enriched historical references for each asset. RarityX will provide virtual environments, A+AI™, MR, and an interactive curator expertise on our Web 3 applications designed for museums and galleries. All assets listed on the RarityX exchange are registered with the Security Exchange Commission and FINRA compliant.


We govern policies and procedures that ensure the accuracy and transparency of financial
information, the proper management of assets and liabilities, and the timely reporting of financial
data for all rarity collection investments.


RarityX stores all rarity assets in secure buildings, equipped with alarms, in optimum ambient environments, camera surveillance and live safety video feeds for investors to view the asset locations in real time. In addition, we work with museums & galleries that securely display the assets. 

Cyber Security Protection

RarityX’s Platform utilizes the most advanced encryption and software systems to protect information from digital attacks. Also known as information technology (IT) security, cybersecurity measures are designed to combat threats against networked systems and applications for all users.

New Creators

RarityX’s patented Gensor Project enables creators in all fields of rarities from fine & digital art, new makers of violins & string instruments, new music, new authors, new video games, movies & videos, scripts, and other new creations not only capitalize their projects but also assure continued royalty payments.

Contact us to learn more at creators@rarityx.com


RarityX alliances with advanced on-way cryptographic systems to protect client information and transactional data. Data will appear on a distributable ledger called a blockchain that is more secure than traditional payment systems.