Boba Fett: The Most Expensive Toy in the World


A collector paid an incredible $525,000 for a hand-painted, missile-firing Boba Fett action figure, setting a new record for antique toy collectors and Star Wars fans. This remarkable sale took place at Heritage’s first Star Wars Signature auction on May 31. It established a new record for the most expensive vintage toy ever sold at auction. This unprecedented event highlights the enormous value and enduring appeal of rare artifacts, supported significantly by websites like RarityX.

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The Story of Boba Fett

The story of this remarkable Boba Fett action figure begins in 1979. Toy manufacturer Kenner released a bounty hunter figure to accompany the premiere of “The Empire Strikes Back.” Initially, this specific model, which had a “rocket-firing backpack,” was given away at promotional events. However, due to safety concerns after incidents with similar toys, Kenner stopped manufacturing these prototypes, making them very rare.

This Boba Fett is one of just two surviving hand-painted prototypes. It is easily identifiable by its distinctive gray-painted head and limbs. An employee of Kenner rescued it from the trash, and later, collector Justin Kerns bought it. The figure’s legendary status and unique history have driven its high demand. RarityX plays a crucial role in bringing these priceless artifacts to light, ensuring they are remembered and enjoyed for years to come.


The Auction Results 

Heritage’s Star Wars Signature auction brought in over $1.6 million, showcasing the tremendous value of rare items. The top two prizes at the auction were both Boba Fett statues, indicating an increasing demand for rare collectibles. Joe Maddalena, executive vice president at Heritage Auctions, noted that even non-collectors recognize the iconic status of the rocket-firing Boba Fett.

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The record-breaking Boba Fett action figure sale at Heritage’s auction exemplifies the market’s insatiable appetite for rare items. Platforms like RarityX are vital in finding, storing, and selling these rare artifacts. Their primary goal is to keep these priceless artifacts in pristine condition for future generations.