Digital Assets & Electronics – the Genisor TM Project

Rarity Trading Platform (RTP) and ecosphere referred to as the Genisor Operational Auxilium Toolkit (G.O.A.T.) command logic, methods, system and technologies for creators of new intellectual property assets designed for immersive collaboration and networking for Non-Fungible-Assets (NFAs/NFTs) through a plurality of verified milestone product development deliverable gateways utilizing auxilium software and hardware tools for Enterprise Organization’s nascent to lower startup risk for collaborating creators.

New IP Project Teams Creating New IP Application

The patented Genisor project is more advanced than any crowd funding site and will work with creators of new copyright and fund the best creators of digital IP. Our Genisor Platform will include gaming software, movie scripts, new fictional and non-fictional ebooks, animation, digital illustrations, video gaming software, digital photography, new music and a multitude of other digital formats. We protect royalties and continuous renumeration for new creators throughout the product and Service lifecycle.