Exploring Great Jones' Peated Bourbon and the Future of Whiskey Investments with RarityX


An unforgettable whiskey adventure is waiting for you in the middle of New York City, where the skyline meets the busy streets. In a city famous for its varied whiskey distilleries, Great Jones Distilling Co. stands out in Manhattan. Here we take a look at Great Jones’s newest offering, a peated scotch cask finished bourbon that adds a smoky dimension to the traditional American spirit. We think about the bigger picture of whiskey exploration and how platforms like RarityX could improve it as we explore this unique offering in detail

Peated Scotch Cask Bourbon Unveiled by Great Jones Distilling Co.

Since 2021, Great Jones Distilling Co., owned by Proximo Spirits, the maker of Bushmills and Jose Cuervo, has made small-batch whiskey. A peated scotch cask-finished bourbon is their latest release. The meticulous process begins with a seven-year-old bourbon from Black Dirt Distillery, a 2018 Proximo acquisition. A two-year maturation in peated whisky barrels completes the process. The 96-proof bourbon has smokiness and mesquite barbecue flavors.


Whiskey Experimentation Practiced Masterfully at Great Jones

The Manhattan-inspired Great Jones Distilling Co. is known for its experimentation. Distillery head Celina Perez balances traditional craftsmanship and innovative exploration. The Peated Scotch Cask Bourbon shows how peat and careful aging can transform a classic American bourbon. The distillery-exclusive release lets consumers taste Manhattan’s whiskey craftsmanship as they explore flavors.


RarityX and the Future of Whiskey Collectibles

As whiskey enthusiasts strive for one-of-a-kind and exceptional experiences, platforms such as RarityX gain prominence. RarityX, renowned for its expertise in fractionalized investment in high-value collections, is considering expanding its presence into the realm of premium spirits. Imagine a situation where whiskey enthusiasts have the opportunity to invest in exclusive, limited-edition releases, allowing them to own a share of extraordinary expressions such as Great Jones’ Peated Scotch Cask Bourbon. While this may be a speculative future, the concept perfectly aligns with RarityX’s mission of expanding investment horizons and offering access to rare and valuable assets.



The exploration of Great Jones Distilling Co. into peated scotch cask finishing showcases the dynamic nature of whiskey craftsmanship. As connoisseurs relish the intricate tastes of innovation, platforms such as RarityX provide a window into a future where whiskey collections evolve into more than just a hobby but also a form of fractionalized investment. The journey continues, from the heart of Manhattan to the possibilities of RarityX, as we celebrate the craftsmanship and variety within the world of premium spirits.