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RarityX™ specializes in premier numismatic investments, housing some of the finest coin collections in both the US and internationally. Coin collecting involves the accumulation of coins or other forms of minted legal tender. Collectors frequently seek coins that had brief circulation periods, those bearing mint errors, and pieces that stand out due to their aesthetic appeal or historical significance. While coin collecting centers on the acquisition of such items, numismatics is a broader discipline, encompassing the systematic study of currency in its entirety. However, these two fields are deeply interconnected.

A coin’s value is influenced by various factors such as its grade, rarity, and demand among collectors. There are commercial entities that provide grading services, ensuring the authentication, attribution, and encapsulation of most coins. At RarityX, we adhere to the globally recognized Sheldon grading scale, ranging from 1 to 70. This scale, originating in the United States in the late 1940s, assesses a coin’s visual quality or “grade.”

Typically, a coin’s grade is determined by five primary components: the precision of its strike, the preservation of its surface, its luster, its coloration, and its overall visual appeal. Grading is inherently subjective, with even seasoned experts occasionally differing in their evaluations of a coin’s grade.

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