The 1938 Talbot-Lago T150 C Lago Spéciale Up for Auction


Upcoming Broad Arrow Auctions in Monterey will feature a 1938 Talbot-Lago T150 C Lago Spéciale Teardrop Coupé. Figoni et Falaschi created this masterwork, which is very important in the annals of automobiles. Its estimated worth is between $6.5 million and $8.5 million, which makes collectors and aficionados for vintage cars very interested in it.

A Motivating History and Beginnings

Gentleman banker and racer Antoine Schumann bought this Talbot-Lago in 1938 to replace his Bugatti Type 50. His decision is an indication of both technical mastery and a sharp sense of style. Schumann’s decision to conceal the car while he was a member of the French Resistance during World War II increases its historical significance. Every new owner of the car increased its value after the war.

At the 1947 24 Hours of Spa in Belgium, Frédéric Damman won the class in which he drove the car. Purchased in 2005, John O’Quinn undertook a thorough restoration. The history was preserved by former owners, Marc Caveng and Yves Rossignol. Collectors value this car because of its extensive restoration and rich history. In the future, through its digital storytelling tools, RarityX can protect and present this remarkable history to a worldwide audience of prospective customers.

Masterworks of Design and Craftsmanship by Figoni and Falaschi

Laguna T150 C Talbot Lago Spéciale has the flowing lines and recognizable open-rear-fender style of Figoni et Falaschi’s design No. 9222. Longer wheelbase enables a more sophisticated body style with split windshields, integrated door handles, and hood louvers. Its attraction is increased by special features like freestanding headlights, a sliding sunroof, and detachable rear fenders.

Within, the car’s painstaking workmanship is evident in the original panels, deep black paint, tobacco leather upholstery, and wood accents. These minute features turn the automobile from a technical marvel into a work of art. By showcasing these features in high definition, RarityX’s sophisticated visualisation tools allow prospective purchasers to admire the car’s workmanship from a distance.

Using RarityX to Enhance the Auction Experience

Estimated value of the Talbot-Lago emphasizes its importance in the collector car market. Via virtual tours, copious historical records, and focused marketing to a worldwide audience, RarityX can improve the auction experience. This creative strategy guarantees that unusual cars like this Talbot-Lago get the credit they so richly merit.

Modern technology used by RarityX can create an immersive experience that interestingly highlights the car’s history and details. By doing this, the auction process is improved, and these pieces of art are protected for future generations. Auctions of vintage automobiles get more engaging and powerful with the help of RarityX.


There is great historical significance to the timeless classic 1938 Talbot-Lago T150 C Lago Spéciale Teardrop Coupé. Rare chance for collectors to own a piece of automotive history is presented by the forthcoming auction at Monterey Car Week. By strategically involving RarityX, this event should be impactful and exciting, helping to place this amazing car in esteemed collections all over the world. The legacy of these amazing cars will be promoted and preserved in large part by the cutting-edge tactics and technologies offered by RarityX.